Sep 13, 2019

August 2019: Another Semester Begins...Everywhere!

This is a monthly update for family and friends about the life of Bronson and Amber. It does not always make it to Facebook, so if you want it in your inbox, send me your email!

New & Exciting
  • Late August we started back with Wednesdays at church for all ages. We are covering the Apostles Creed this fall with the youth. There are some who have already memorized it! The Lord has blessed us recently with growth: We started strong with a record breaking attendance on the first night!
  • We are trying to pioneer a new ministry on Wednesday with a Young Adults group! If you know of a young adult in Oldham, KY, I would love to connect them to Jesus and to our church community!
  • This school semester has started for both Amber and Myself. She started teaching school again and is also enrolled in a Seminary Wives Institute class about interpreting the Bible. I started the first semester of my last year in this (MDiv) program. I am taking the classes: Exegesis of Isaiah, Theology of St. Augustine, and Discipleship and Family Ministry. Isaiah is by far the most demanding, but I am growing a lot through it!
  • We also finished a refresh for youth meeting spaces in the gym. (I promise it is cleaner now- This was taken just after the paint dried.) 😀 Here is a before and after photo, along with a hyper-lapse video of the finishing touches for the worship space.



  • Whilst relaxing in Louisville, we took some time to walk the creek at Cherokee Park. This photo makes this 1 foot "waterfall" look huge. 

Here are a few ways you can keep us in prayer:

  • That we would find a rhythm in this new busy season that is consistent with the priorities God has given us.
  • That the Lord would continue to bless our health. We had some health problem during the summer that could pop back up. A blog is not the place for details, but your prayers are invaluable.
  • For the ministry- that our love for Jesus would soar and our number would multiply.

I decided to unwind after my Summer semester and read something just for fun. I tried the Harry Potter Series and loved the adventure! I know some people don't read these as a matter of conscience, but if you can, then I recommend it. They are well written, funny, and fast moving. I understand why  impressionable persons would want to avoid them- they are about a fictional world of magic which does not reflect a Biblical worldview. If you don't think this is a matter of conscience, by that rule you might also need to throw out CS Lewis' Narnia Series. It includes magic, some of which is performed by the "good guys" in the story. (see chapter 10 in Voyage of the Dawn Treader) I enjoyed the read. It helped me unwind from a long summer. It doesn't suite everyone, but maybe you would enjoy the adventure sometime as well.

Aug 30, 2019

July 2019

 Friend and Family,

July was nuts! Each week was different and it is hard to describe all we did. Here are some memories though:

  • A good friend let me use his tools, garage and helped me fix my car's AC before our trips:

  • 4th of July with Patrick in Herrick, Illinois. I did a terrible job of taking photos with Patrick (sorry brother!), but here is a high speed clip of the parade we watched with Patrick's Family:

  • Time in Virginia: We spent time with family and friends and rested a little from a busy summer.

As usual, we stopped at Tudor's Biscuit World in West Virginia.
We highly recommend it!
  • Youth activities:
We went to a trampoline park with the youth. It was not really
 Amber's cup of tea, but I had a blast!

We did Mini Golf with the youth and this is Amber posing
 in front of her Hole-in -one! (it took me like 9)

After Mini Golf we went to a lookout

We walked the Big 4 bridge in Louisville and
had ice cream together on the other side! Yum!
  • Prayer: Please keep us in prayer as we consider the different opportunities the Lord is giving us in the next year. Sometimes too many good choices doesn't feel like a good thing. 

That is it for July - More to come soon for August!

Aug 5, 2019

June 2019 - Camp & VBS

New & Exciting

Youth Camp overflowed with moments that are worth sharing from laughter, sadness, and new (or renewed) life in Christ. We were challenged from the Gospel of Matthew to be disciples who make disciples. The youth experienced escape rooms, hatchet throwing, fishing, lake time, card games, lunch games, dodgeball, late nights, and most importantly the forgiving love and grace of Jesus. Here is a video of what the youth learned and their favorite parts of camp! I would love to share all that went on, but instead I will give you excessive pictures to view 😁

I, Bronson, was in charge of VBS games after camp. The kids and youth volunteers had a great time. We played gaga ball, sharks and minnows, tag, and had a water day as a grand finale. Again, I will let pictures do most of the talking:

 In the midst of all the excitement this summer, there have been some hard days with health problems. We need your prayer as these get worked out. We have selectively shared the details purposefully, but please pray for us knowing what you do!

Book Recommendation
This month I read The Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse. He discusses how the relationships,  ideas, and structures that ushered previous generations into adulthood have diminished so that many young adults are crushed by adult responsibilities when it is thrust on them. This book is not a "Get off my lawn" kind of complaint about generational immaturity. He cares about the next generation and proposes some solutions that are decent leads. I decided it was worth giving a more thoughtful review, so I hope to release a proper book review in the next month.